Date(s) - 03/28/2019
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Pacific Club

Trevor Loudon Newport Republican Women

Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, but no one appreciates America, and the liberty she represents, morethanhedoes. Trevorrecognizesthethreatfromcontinued government growth, and will be speaking to NHRW about tactics we must employ to save our nation from Socialism in 2020.

For over 30 years, Trevor has researched radical Left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their influence on mainstream politics. Inhiseffortstocombatthem,Trevorhasproducedfilms, written extensively, and spoken publicly about their subversive tactics. Heiscommittedtoexposingandcounteringtheseforces in his effort to preserve America’s role as a bastion of freedom.

Back in 2007, Trevor discovered Barack Obama’s relationship with Frank Marshall Davis and the Communist Party, but couldn’t reach enough Americans with his message. Don’t you wish more voters had been informed about this before the 2008 election? Fortunately, in 2009 Glenn Beck discovered Trevor’s online writings, and invited him on his show to elaborate on communism’s reach within our government. Trevor played a major role in exposing Van Jones’ Communist roots, inspiring a successful public campaign to remove him from his position as Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar.”

After eight years of Obama, the Left’s roots in government agencies are deep. We must re-elect President Trump to continue to fight the “deep state,” preserve our liberties, and ultimately save Western Civilization. Trevor Loudon has strategies for how we can do it. Please come and learn what you can do to ensure freedom’s survival.


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